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Online Branding for Writers

By Fauzia Burke If I were an author in today’s competitive market, I would consider the time I spend developing my online platform and building my brand on the Web as an extension of my job as a writer. Publishing a book or any professional writing is a small business and authors should look at it as such. Sure, the publisher will offer support and expertise, but it is the author’s responsibility for building a long term Web strategy. Now, … Read More

I’ll Take a Community with That Book, Please!

By Fauzia Burke With today’s search empowered readers, do we need to market and publish books differently? Does general publishing makes sense in an age of Google searches, micro communities and niche marketing? Today’s readers are tech savvy and resourceful. They know how to get the information they need and have higher expectations from publishers and authors. They don’t just expect a book, they expect a community with their book. I often hear publishers say that there are “very few … Read More