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5 Easy Ways To Build Your Digital Reputation

By Fauzia Burke Social media has given us great ways to protect and build our digital reputations. Today we have the ease of searching conversations, the ability to set alerts to help us monitor our names, the constant availability of learning opportunities and more ways to communicate and interact with others. All of these tools, which were not available just a few years ago, now make it possible for us to be proactive in maintaining, building and protecting our good … Read More

Looking for a Job? Throw Away Your Resume

By Fauzia Burke As the needs of our clients increase and FSB expands to serve them better, I find myself looking to hire people. However, this year, my approach is very different. As we are working on branding authors on the web, I am looking for people who can demonstrate that they have the skills to help us market and publicize books in a new way, using social media and web technologies to communicate a story. What I have found … Read More