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Digital Branding

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Digital Branding Campaigns

Design + Engagement + Visibility = Success
At FSB, our successful track record, experience and focus makes us the best at digital branding. We work with you to authentically create your brand, establish an online presence, engage with your audience, and gain visibility. We integrate social media and web publicity seamlessly to develop campaigns that promote your expertise and your book.

Establish Your Brand - Design Your Digital Assets
At FSB Associates, we ask you a series of questions to help you establish your personal brand—the foundation for any successful marketing and publicity campaign. Your message, story, experience, and reputation form your brand. We will help you authentically design your digital brand. It is important to have design cohesion and to make sure your design (website, social media, content) matches your vision and quality of your work. Readers do judge a book by its cover and an author by their digital brand. Design will serve you in everything you do.

Identify Your Audience - Build Engagement
Once you have clarity on your brand, we will work with you to identify your ideal audience. With social media, readers and authors can connect like never before. Google searches, micro-communities and niche marketing gives authors unprecedented access to their readers. To build your community, we will connect you to readers whose interests align with your unique message through social media.

Create Visibility
As your online publicists, FSB will promote your expertise and book online. We shape a consistent message aligned with your personal brand and put together a customized strategy. We work closely with the extensive relationships we have cultivated with the media over the years to create exposure for you.

The tools to monitor, research, build relationships, and develop strategy have never been better. Our experienced staff will use these tools to help you build your brand and platform on the web. We will incorporate digital publicity methods to reach influential bloggers, editors and consumers, all while listening, responding, and adding value to your message through social media.

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"Your creativity and diligent commitment to online publicity and social media are unsurpassed. Unequivocally, FSB Associates is the premier "Go-To" online marketer."

—Bill Bradley, Former U.S. Senator & NBA Hall of Famer

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