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FSB Newsletters

May 2012
It's that time again. Are you ready for BEA? It's my favorite part of the year because I get to see almost all our clients and book friends in 3 days. Hope to see you too. This year I am super excited because I will be presenting a session on integrating social media into the B2B sales process. You will find more information on that below - plus information on Pinterest, which I love, and some more news about social media trends. Hope you find the information helpful. View newsletter

January 2012
Everyone at FSB is super excited about 2012. Last year was a roller coaster ride for all us and we learned a lot of lessons. We learned that social media is not just important it is crucial to success. We learned that promoting multiple books together for several months is a great way to gain exposure for all of them. We learned that readers care little if at all about publication dates. With those lessons learned we are giddy with excitement over our Amplify program which re-imagines book publicity in an increasingly e-book world. View newsletter

October 2011
Steve Jobs was an inspiration to all of us. His innovation and execution can only be described as insanely awesome. His products have truly been a changing force in our lives and in the success of FSB. I wrote about the impact of Apple products on our lives when he announced his retirement: Steve Jobs Makes Me Better. The loss of such a great mind and fearless innovator will be felt for the rest of our lives. Thank you Mr. Jobs. I owe you big time! View newsletter

September 2011
Fall is in the air and it feels like change is coming. At FSB we have been hard at work reinventing how we do what we do. We are working more and more with ebooks and loving it. We signed up with NetGalley and are expanding our Amplify ebook publicity program. No longer interested in "hit and run" campaigns, we are committed to "stay and build." Of course that changes everything and that is just how I like things. So stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and months. View newsletter

August 2011
It seems like the summer is just flying by! Thankfully, the heat wave is finally over and we can go back to enjoying the lovely summer weather. In our issue last month, we introduced our new eBook marketing program, AMPLIFY, and we're pleased with the feedback we've been receiving! View newsletter

June 2011
I hope all of you are well and enjoying the warm summer days. It's been a crazy busy year so far. We even exhibited at BEA for the first time and loved every minute of it. We are eagerly working on strategies for marketing books when discoverability in bookstores is reducing. View newsletter

May 2011
This month we celebrated our 16th year in business, and to celebrate our sweet 16, we've decided to exhibit at BEA. I hope you will stop by our booth (#4304). We will be available to answer your questions about all our services, social publicity (web publicity and social media), web site development, e-book marketing programs, author branding or our consulting and speaking services. View newsletter

March 2011
We're off to a great start this year working with some fabulous titles and authors on a wide variety of projects including digital book launches, personal branding campaigns and author Web sites. I invite you to visit our FSB Associates Web site where you can always see our latest social publicity projects as well as our new Web sites. This year our clients are most interested in their online personal brand, and we can't be more supportive of that priority. View newsletter

January 2011
Happy New Year. Hope this year brings with it happiness, health and prosperity to all of you. If last year's social media boom is any indication of where things are headed in marketing and publicity, get ready for some exciting innovations and trends for 2011. We'll be keeping a close eye on all the developments so feel free to contact me with any questions or better yet, let's plan an in-person coffee break to chat. View Newsletter

November 2010
If nothing else, we can agree that the time for all things digital is upon us. The New York Times wrote that this Christmas is expected to be the tipping point for e-reader sales. I agree and think it is important to be ready with e-marketing. My advice would be to take a little time now to check under the hood and make sure you are ready. View Newsletter

September 2010
At FSB, we are all abuzz about Social Publicity, which integrates social media and web publicity in order to generate online public awareness and visibility for our books and authors. Building personal brands has never been more important and our goal with every campaign is to incorporate tried and true publicity strategies with cutting-edge social media machinery. View Newsletter

July 2010
I have been wondering, like everyone else in publishing, does social media sell books? For 6 months we've been trying to answer this question. What we have discovered is that although there does not seem to be a 1 fan/follower/post = 1 sale correlation, there has been enough evidence to suggest that without social media, your book publicity is at a disadvantage. View Newsletter

June 2010
In preliminary tests, we have found that Twitter chatter may actually, and authentically, help to sell books. Energized by this finding, we are working diligently on the question of the day: what increases Twitter chatter? We have some ideas and plans already in motion and tests will be running throughout the summer. View Newsletter

April 2010
Social media is a daunting task and one that seems to require too much of a learning curve, so many of us ignore it and go about our business. Or we hire a marketing person who handles all of our social media activities. However, social media is all about conversations, and the more the better.... View Newsletter

April 2010
At FSB, we are busy developing a new social media strategy to promote our books and authors even further. More to come at BEA! Stay tuned!.... View Newsletter

January 2010
In the spirit of this new year and decade, we are revamping our services to offer you the best possible campaign to fit your needs and budget. While we will continue to offer our most successful branding campaigns, we are now offering more flexibility in the length, outreach, and cost of each campaign.... View Newsletter

November 2009
In my most recent Huffington Post blog, I express my overwhelming thanks this Thanksgiving, for the dedication and support from Book Bloggers of books big and small. I would like to follow up that post by thanking you, our clients, fans and followers for your continued support of FSB.... View Newsletter

September 2009
Seth Godin recently talked about focus being a big advantage in a
distracted world (see Chai Wallah below). I could not agree more. We at FSB do one thing: Web publicity for books. We believe we do it better than anyone else because we only do this one thing. There are eight of us at FSB and we are always thinking of new ways for promoting books on the Web. I believe there is more brain trust going into that topic at our office than in many publishing houses. The best part is that we love it. Thank you to our clients for rewarding us for our vision and focus... View Newsletter

August 2009
Is it August already? This odd, wet summer went by even more quickly than usual. Nevertheless, here we are staring at September, poised to start in a few weeks. As Fall gets in full swing, I wanted to share some positive trends with you... View Newsletter

June 2009
In this email culture, I think face to face contact is essential. It was really wonderful to see everyone at BEA, and to those that I could not see, I am sorry to have missed you. We are looking forward to working with many of you this summer and fall! Thank you all for your business, support, and friendship. Here's to a new season of prosperity and success... View Newsletter

April 2009
Spring is my favorite time of year. Now is when new buds form, flowers bloom, and the grass is literally greener. I take some of my cues from the marvels of spring by continuing to grow and change my company to give the best possible for my clients... View Newsletter