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Amplify eBook Promotional Program

Amplify eBook ProgramIn publishing, we have been promoting books like they were events (around pub date) hoping B&N wouldn't return them in 8-12 weeks. With that pressure, all marketing and publicity had to happen in a short window of time. However, with ebooks we have to think differently; we have to think long term community engagement.

At FSB, we've come up with a program called AMPLIFY where we take similar ebooks (and/or pbooks) and promote them for 6 months. Columbia University Press, Sterling Publishing, F&W Media, TOR Books, Vanguard Press (Perseus) and Reader's Digest Trade Publishing are already members of the Amplify program.

The idea with the Amplify campaign is that:

  • We create a community of experts (the authors)

  • A strategy for free content (excerpts, blogs posts, videos) creating a mutually beneficial relationship with web editors and readers

  • Engage the readers for a longer period (6 months)

  • Then take all the elements and Amplify them through FSB's exciting resources (16 years of experience, 8 full-time staff members, relationships with online media and 14 Twitter feeds)

  • Plus provide resources that can be leveraged for the program (a dedicated publicist, a website, a Twitter feed and a community page either on Facebook, LinkedIn or other)

Without discoverability in a bookstore, we need to build awareness for ebooks over time and gain trust with the audience. With Amplify we will do outreach to the online media and bloggers, work closely with the authors and help build their brands, consistently add conversations in social networks and build a better relationship with the community of readers.

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Digital Book World Insights: Fauzia Burke, President of FSB Associates